Our Mission, Values and Goals

Our Mission

Cardiologists save lives in Ontario every day. The OAC’s Mission is to ensure that cardiac care public policy in Ontario is developed and implemented in the best interests of cardiac patients and cardiologists.

There is no substitute for our expertise. Our intervention, education and treatment programs save and improve the quality of life each day. We act as an effective advocate to develop cardiac care solutions that work and are cost effective.

High quality cardiac care is based on rigorous guidelines and a life-long commitment to Continuing Medical Education.

Our Values

The OAC’s values are rooted in the following four principles:

  • Never compromise a patient’s cardiac care or access to care
  • Appropriate testing and follow up
  • Professional leadership
  • Fiscal responsibility of government funding for cardiac care

We act on these principles in the following ways:


We are committed to ongoing consultation with the OMA and MOH to enable the best decision making and shaping of emerging policy regarding cardiac care.


We are proactive and committed to enhancing lives. We support the Rubin Committee; implementation of the Standards for the Provision of Echocardiography and the evolution of “self-referral” to “appropriateness guidelines”.


We believe in education and prevention first. We are committed to developing and implementing Appropriateness Guidelines to determine the correct intervention, investigation and treatment for the cardiac patient. We participate in ongoing research, and integrate  their  findings into patient care every day.


Our 24/7 availability saves lives in all Ontario communities and we are dedicated to life-long education and research. We provide compassionate care and deal professionally with end of life issues on a daily basis.


We understand cardiac disease better than anyone. We work to prevent premature death. Our daily efforts are critical to improving our patient’s quality of life.


Through ongoing participation, education and research, we are best positioned to make informed decisions with regard to a patient’s cardiac care based on current evidence that changes daily.




Brand at a Glance
Brand at a Glance

A condensed version of the Ontario Association of Cardiologists brand and vision

Cardiologists save lives in Ontario everyday 

Our Goal

Our goal is to protect and improve the current high standard of cardiac care in Ontario.

We work daily to maintain the respect of the public, OMA, the government, and the media on current issues involved with cardiac care in Ontario. We will cooperate openly and continually work for policy changes that improve cardiac care in our province. We will not only explain changes in policy, but advocate for cardiologists and cardiac care in Ontario.

We are sensitive to the current fiscal challenges and are happy to work with government in this area so access to cardiac care is never jeopardized.

Expand our current base of community and university cardiologists.

Share our world class experts and community leaders in cardiac care with those who are developing or modifying public policy for cardiac care.