Maintaining an effective presence on Ontario’s health care agenda requires the active involvement, input and support from the OAC. The OAC exists to serve its members and protect, maintain and improve the current high standard of cardiac care for all Ontario patients. The current OMA  structure  does not provide the Section on Cardiology the infrastructure  or the  finances for a similar service.

The OAC acts as an advocate for its members with the MoH, the provincial government and the OMA. Furthermore, it acts as an important conduit of information to cardiologists and the general public on emerging policy trends that may affect the delivery of cardiac care in Ontario. Some issues on which the OAC is currently active include:

  • Implementation of the Standards for the Provision of Echocardiography immediately
  • Strong representation within the OMA’s OHIP negotiations process for the 2014 Physician Services Agreement
  • Opposing the OMA’s income relativity policy (CANDI) and re-shaping it to incorporate and accurately reflect the extensive working hours of cardiologists
  • Development of Standards for all noninvasive cardiac diagnostic tests including  ECG, Holter , CTA , MRI and Stress testing
  • Hospital Report Manager (HRM), more mature EMR, better co-ordination diagnostic image repositories
  • Development of a CHF Health Links pilot project in Ottawa and Peterborough
  • The implementation of the “Choosing Wisely Campaign” in Ontario
  • Monitoring Proposed LHINs regulations for volumes and funding

The OAC provides cardiac experts to participate in the OMA and government-initiated health policy development processes to ensure that these policies reflect the best interests of cardiology patients and Ontario cardiologists.

The OAC offers strong advocacy and an active presence on behalf of cardiologists within Ontario

What We Offer

The OAC offers strong advocacy and an active presence on behalf of cardiologists within Ontario’s health care landscape. It also provides its members with an opportunity to network, ask questions and share information with colleagues from across the province on key issues facing their practice. Key ways it does this are:

  • Monthly interactive Webinars with the OAC Board of Directors to keep members well informed and allow them to ask questions directly to the OAC Board. The Webinars are recorded and available to view later if you cannot attend
  • A  members-only Web site with up-to-date OAC analysis of government policy, OMA policy and the current political environment
  • A toll-free telephone number (1-877-504-1239) for cardiology-related issues including billing, OMA policy or government policy
  • An internal program to assist OAC members with echocardiography lab accreditation from CCN
  • Regular analysis of OHIP utilization data shared by webinar
  • Bi-Weekly (or more frequently where necessary) communication to members using Twitter, fax or e-mail blasts
  • Full financial disclosure of OAC costs each quarter available to any member
  • Regular meeting polling used to shape direction of Association
  • Regular OHIP billing seminars regarding changes to the fee schedule