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Heart Disease is already the #1 Killer of Ontarians & it’s likely to get worse. “Disrupting” the healthcare system by cutting physician compensation will not change this. Working together will…

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Dr. Catherine Link wrote:

While I agree the current funding model needs updating, the Wynne government's approach to this is short-sited and ridiculous. Physicians and their representatives need to be involved so that our system can evolve into a model wherein patients are well-treated, with good access to all levels of care, and patient-care providers are paid fairly for their work. We hear of all the examples of government waste, including in healthcare. Involving physicians in the planning is a way to avoid creating yet more levels of bureaucracy, so that our tax dollars are well spent.

Dr. laurence colman wrote:

You are missing a golden opportunity to work with physicians who will look for ways in which to deliver health care that is appropriate and less costly as it will eliminate waste. Instead, you've focused on a short term gain and alienated your former partners in the process. Shame on you!

Dr. Brian MacKenzie wrote:

Clearly an extremely worthwhile iniative. A true "win/win" for both the patients (most importantly) and also the MOH. Let's hope the govt shows this the support that it deserves!!!

On October 1, 2015, the Ontario Liberal government implemented massive cuts across the board in healthcare to help them pay down their deficit. These cuts hit cardiologists very hard and we fear they will result in degraded access and treatments for cardiac patients. The OAC has been working for years to show the Liberal government how they can save dollars and save lives by doing some simple, smart things. However, the government appears committed to a controversial program of “disrupting” the healthcare system and will not consider our solutions.

  1. The government is only now proceeding to act on the OAC’s call, made three years ago, to implement mandatory accreditation of echocardiography labs operating in Ontario. Had it proceeded in 2012, the government would have saved more than $120 million.
  2. The government decided recently to ignore the OAC’s recommendations for improving Congestive Heart Failure patient care, through our CHF Community Hubs Initiative, that would Save Lives and Save Dollars. OAC cardiologists Dr. Heather Ross and Dr. Mike Hartleib are among the most respected heart health experts in the world. To get the real facts and see what your government chooses to ignore in favour of disrupting the system, please watch their short video. It’s an 8 minute investment in your life or someone you love.
  3. The October 1, 2015 cuts and those made in January 2015 are part of the Wynne government’s health care “transformation” agenda concocted by think-tank consultants. Their approach favours shaking-up the healthcare system by disrupting current clinical models and taking an axe to physician compensation. It does not involve working cooperatively with front line medical professionals like Ontario’s cardiologists to plan a course of healthcare system financial sustainability.

If you believe that disruption to Ontario’s healthcare system is not the way to go and that the heart care experts of the OAC should be part of developing solutions that affect your life, please sign our petition. Insist that ill-informed cuts to cardiology that put lives in jeopardy will not be tolerated. Insist that the government include the OAC in all discussions regarding your heart health care.

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Mr. Shrikant Pandit
Cardiac patients need frequent guidance from cardiologists which is far from required.
Mr. Sasa Spasojevic
I have 9 members of my family and we all support our Health care and our Doctors. We pay more than enough tax for everything.
Dr. Terrence Goudy
With more seniors than ever before needing cardiac care we should not be asked to sacrifice our lives to pull the provincial government out of financial distress which they inflicted on themselves by misplaced priorities.
Mr. Harvey Rentner
Mrs Wynne better hope she never has heart problems, but I don't think she has one anyway
Mr. Anthony Coulas
Not a good way to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable patients